Russell Storey - from Australia

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Q. What brought you to TPM?  

I first saw Robert Fletcher talk in 2007 at the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) conference in London. I was instantly captivated by his elegant synthesis and enhancement of so many NLP, hypnosis & other psychology principles into the stunningly simple set of processes he has called Thought Pattern Management.I completed Robert’s practitioner training in London on 2009 which permanently changed my life outlook and boundaries beyond what I had ever believed possible. His training took my NLP skills to another level and I was fortunate enough to complete my trainer training with him in November 2010.Some of the concepts and ideas offered by TPM are so radical it is a continuing process of integrating them into my life and in my work with clients. The results speak for themselves though and it is an incredibly fulfilling to watch someone change themselves right before your eyes. TPM has helped me help myself, and many others. Who knew deep personal change could be so simple and yet so fun?

Q. Russell how have you contributed to the TPM practitioner training program? 

I assisted Fiona to deliver the Module 1 Mental Landscaping in Utah in 2015 where I also participated in a two week TPM 'Think tank'. During that fortnight Fiona, Jared and myself reviewed many of the TPM processes and principles. We liaised with other trainers and experienced practitioners to advance and update the TPM practitioner training and experimented with adaptations of the processes. 

Q. What kind of clients do you work with?

My area of speciality is Stress Resolution. In today’s fast paced and complicated world, the demands people are under often show no sign of slowing down. Stress is the source of many physical and mental health issues and TPM is a powerful tool for cutting through complexity and helping clients address and re-solve the real root of their presenting issues.

As well as being a TPM Trainer, I am also a Certified Transformational Breath® Trainer. I find the combination of conscious breathing and TPM techniques to be a powerful formula for creating lasting changes in the clients that I see. Both focus on the unconscious level of our experience – the place where any real change always happens!

I currently run a personal change and conscious breathing practice in Edinburgh, UK – you can find more details on I am also available for 1-2-1 personal change consultation via Skype.

Q. Are you available for talks?

Yes I'm delighted to share what I have learned to help others. Please contact me via my website. 


Rob Mesrie -  TPM trainer, NLP Master Health Practitioner, NLP Coach, Certified Reverse Therapist

Q. Rob what brought you to TPM?

"I watched Robert Fletcher work back in 2004 at an International NLP Conference. Having completed all the trainings in NLP including Master Practitioner and Health Practitioner several times, I was surprised at the similarities and yet subtle differences Robert brought to the field. The combination of standard NLP processes with the mind of a creative genius resulted in an extremely effective and yet gentle methodology. Since then, I have kept in close contact with Robert, learning at every opportunity and sponsoring the first ever TPM trainings in London.

"What I noticed with Robert was a graciousness that went beyond process. He is a master at building rapport - not just the rapport at the level of behaviour which is often taught in the classroom. He is a master of building rapport at various levels - from behaviour to values, beliefs and even identity. Can you imagine how powerful even basic pacing and leading can be when it is genuine and transcends the various logical levels? 

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Stephan Langguth - TPM trainer, Certified Reverse Therapy™ Therapist, NLP Practitioner

Q. Stephan what brought you to TPM?

"Why I like TPM so much is that unlike many other therapies, it allows clients to clear past traumatic memories without exposing them to any of the disturbing emotions connected with the event. It also enables people to tap into their creativity to make positive changes in their life.

My first contact with TPM was through Rob Mesrie. I was interested in the TPM method to support my existing successful Reverse Therapy practice - a specialist and highly successful therapy for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and serious stress related illness.

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