Stephan Langguth - TPM trainer, Certified Reverse Therapy™ Therapist, NLP Practitioner

Q. Stephan what brought you to TPM?

"Why I like TPM so much is that unlike many other therapies, it allows clients to clear past traumatic memories without exposing them to any of the disturbing emotions connected with the event. It also enables people to tap into their creativity to make positive changes in their life.

My first contact with TPM was through Rob Mesrie. I was interested in the TPM method to support my existing successful Reverse Therapy practice - a specialist and highly successful therapy for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and serious stress related illness.

Stephan's background and experience

Stephan's first career was in Film making and then marketing and design before becoming a body worker using massage to help others relieve stress. He then wanted to get more to the source of stresses rather than treating the symptoms and went on to train in Reverse Therapy and Trauma modalities further exploring the affect mind body relationship.

Stephan works in London and Germany and brings a keen logical mind as well as a deep compassion for helping and teaching people. Stephan has previously developed teaching and training programs in other fields and delivered talks to large groups He is often teaching people in his one to one work. In preparing to deliver TPM training in 2011 in London, Stephan took apart and analyzed many hours of Roberts trainings and broke down the processes into steps, principles and skills.

Stephan teaching style encourages a relaxed state that is Unconscious Mind friendly both for absorbing learning and for working well with others.

I wanted to "have a feel" for myself of how TPM might work and asked Rob to give me a session focusing on an issue I wanted to change. In fact I presented him with a quite unusual request. I wanted to have more connection to feelings of a blissful and positive nature relating to childhood memories. I wanted to feel these childhood feelings of total bliss. One main aspect of TPM concerns itself with separating old often traumatic emotional responses from memories we have. The reason for this is that while it's helpful to take positive learnings from past events, the hard wired emotional/physiological responses triggered by negative past memories (particularly if traumatic to the younger self) cause stress to the body and have little positive use in the present.

After the session which communicated my wish in detail to my unconscious mind I found to my amazement that I would have again and again, sudden flashes of very alive emotional recalls of peak childhood experiences when those certain memories where triggered. Quite nice and even today a number of years later occasionally I do note consciously such an experience when it happens.

This did prove to me that this works and I went on to train with Robert Fletcher."

Q. Stephan how do you use TPM?

"Professionally I have been using TPM as support of my Reverse Therapy work. As I do mostly phone work I also practice TPM on the phone with my European clients.

I mainly use the TPM tools to clear traumatic responses. Although i do have many tools to do so, from other modalities including EMDR skills, all are based around varying levels of exposure of the client to the disturbing emotions connected with the event. They are successful yet bring a certain distress with it. TPM is unique in that it works with Zero-Exposure. This is especially good for phone work as this makes it safer than other approaches.

I have observed good and very fast success with a number of traumatic events which were cleared through this TPM zero exposure trauma work. Having used it in the beginning mostly with friends and family I was able to get very detailed feedback on the changes which can be achieved. The results are very exciting and sometimes perplexing for both clients and myself. TPM can work sometimes in mysterious almost magically ways which cause us to think differently about what's possible physically and emotionally.

It's important to me that I test everything personally before I use it with clients. Perhaps it's my German upbringing. There are so many applications and tools of TPM and so far I've only tested and am using about a third of them. I can't wait to test more and more of the principles in real life and integrate further areas of use.

Given my love of provable outcomes in all my work, one of my projects is to document both for myself, for other practitioners and for our marketing communication, the outcomes we have with this work, pushing frontiers into the exciting new territory of TPM possibilities.