Fiona Sutherland - TPM Lead trainer for Europe, life and business coach

Q. Fiona what brought you to TPM?

"I saw Robert talking at the NLP conference in 2008 and just knew I had to find out more. Taking his training in 2009 transformed my life and my ways of working with clients.

"I had been coaching for 10 years and was an NLP practitioner working mainly with professional advisers, small business owners or people involved in divorce. I had used NLP including Time Line to help break patterns when normal coaching wasn't enough. I knew from my clients feedback that the unconscious mind worked in mysterious ways and that often my intuition worked magically with them. I also knew that sometimes NLP and coaching didn't work. Clients, (as well as coaches, therapist, and NLP practitioners), weren't always able to achieve the changes they desired.

I had remained curious about past clients who had experienced emotions in the womb which manifest later as unwanted behaviour patterns or illness but I was a business coach and this was just a bit too wacky! After Roberts training, so much has fallen in to place. I now have the understanding and tools to help others use their intuition, mind body intelligence and untapped resources to achieve often remarkable things in only one or two sessions.

For myself, despite many years of personal development, it was a few hours of TPM which truly freed me from some kind of unconscious pattern which had become a bit of a burden. Like many of the others on my course, and my clients since, we leave feel lighter in a subtle yet profound way. I believe that what Robert discovered as he researched and developed Thought Pattern Management contributes massively to the development of human potential. That is why I want to spread the word."

Q. How do you use TPM?

I now incorporate many aspects of TPM in almost every client session. I specialise in working with people who want fast turn arounds for challenging situations. It maybe a business owner who has suddenly lost their confidence or motivation, stressed professionals, overwhelmed divorcees, and people facing all kinds of emotional bombshells or high pressure situations. I also have worked with a lot of emotionally intelligent coaches and NLP practitioners who are stuck with something they have been unable to shift for themselves.

I have also worked with a few clients who had physical conditions including a lady who after a year of tests and traditional treatment for whip lash, tingling feelings, 'muzzy headedness' and loss of confidence leaving her home, was able to feel well enough to fly abroad on holiday. Also someone who had a fertility threatening ovarian cyst, which surprised Drs as it had almost completely gone by the time they went to operate. She is now pregnant.

I was amazed the first time my own unconscious mind responded to TPM requests to loosen my stiff back - I had to sit up in bed as it clicked and clunked itself free. I also worked on my own body to not produce a bruise when I accidentally walloped the side of my face with a gate post I had half sawed and then jumped on to break (don't ask!) I was giving an important talk and didn't want to look like i'd been beaten up - it worked. It hurt lots for about a fortnight yet no bruise formed. When I told Robert Fletcher, he reminded me that I could also have requested to switch down the pain. So much is possible when we open our minds.