How ideal or problematic is the way you store time in space?

'New discoveries about Time and space and how to transform patterns easily with Thought Pattern Management™'

This is the topic Fiona Sutherland, lead trainer of TPM Europe, wowed people with at the NLP conference in April 2016. After the first short discovery exercise, one delegate exclaimed “That was amazing - you’ve made it worth my while coming all this way to attend 3 days of conference.”

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Fiona shared remarkable case studies from various TPM practitioners in UK and USA to illustrate how important it is to know and work with time space arrangements. They really can help or sabotage  and because we get used to our own its only when you appreciate how it can impact and experiment you come to realise what else is possible. 


Most people remain completely unaware of how they store time spatially

- yet it can have a remarkable effect on your motivation, if you feel safe or anxious, and how easily you can progress things. Language use gives some clues. We often talk about ‘putting the past behind us’ - and ‘moving forward’ - but it’s not as simple as this. Everyone is unique and the arrangement they have can change over time depending on how they store memories. Some people’s arrangements of time can be very problematic.

Sally Roberts TPM practitioner



TPM practitioners who work with 'Mental landscape' have found that the way some people store time has been found to cause blocks, self sabotage and even acute back ache

Sally Roberts, is a Physiotherapist as well as NLP and TPM practitioner.

Sally discovered that a pregnant woman with acute backache had her sense of the future going up inside the middle of her up into space. She felt very "all over the place" in her life.  Sally also worked with a man who’s heavy past was located on his chest and was pulling so much that he had to constantly strain his back muscles to compensate. Sally applied TPM principles to increase their flexibility and they changed their time space arrangement. In both cases - backache went!

Time space arrangement can be linked to unwanted compulsions including OCD, as Jared Fletcher, son of the developer of TPM found with someone who spent hours each day washing her hands and had no sense of time other than the present. After he negotiated with the recurring list she created a new strategy.  The compulsion stopped, the woman gained actual time for her life (no longer washing) as her spatial arrangement of past, present and future changed.



Is life flowing easily, do you have a clear sense of moving forward or do you (or your clients) feel a bit blocked, anxious, and that it’s hard work?

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Becki Houlston an experienced TPM practitioner, NLP master practitioner and coach worked with someone who bust a gut for years working hard yet never moving forward. This was before she learned TPM. 5 years later with TPM tools up her sleeve, she was able to get to the source of the problem and it was all to do with where he was storing not only his future, but the goals and other things he was driven to achieve. After she worked with this with him he began moving forward and his business progressed so much he won awards.  

In more subtle examples, people report that they have goals but they are out of reach or there is something blocking them from getting there. These are all due to problematic time space arrangements that can be changed very easily - when you know how! Sometimes things move easily and sometimes you need to use more TPM principles to guide.


Do you want to learn how to do this too?   

Thought Pattern Management Summer training 2016   

For people brand new to TPM and for existing practitioners who fancy a refresher 

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Module 1 learn the 'Art of Mental landscaping' in one day training  

SEE below why people said this training "is worth it's weight  in gold"

  • Get to know your own “Mental landscape” and share interesting discoveries
  • Relevant to: Everyone working with others who feel for them when they get stuck Everyone interested in teaching their mind how to access further capabilities in a very ecological and powerful way.
  • Practitioners trained in Coaching, NLP, Physical and emotional therapies, will be surprised by the connections and just how easy it can be to remove illogical, limiting patterns.
  • You will be intrigued and have fun, getting to know the relationships between how you store resources spatially and how you experience life.


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SEE below why people love the single memory clean up

You too can learn how to

  • Guide others to find and take the sting out of problematic memories and patterns
  • Teach people who are driven by a generalised fear from the past that holds them back - to gain flexibility to see that the world can be safe. This opens huge possibilities for a more enjoyable life.
  • Also learn how to find the areas the eyes avoid - and how to clear up problematic memories using the unique tpm ‘Single memory clear up process’


TAKE Both modules together and after 3 days you will be able to locate eye jiggles and clear troubles. This could be crucial for people struggling to access information including kids leaning. 

Jared Fletcher talks about how this process was discovered by his Dad and the visible impact it makes. 

Jared Fletcher: Thought Pattern Management eye jiggles, painful memories and the single memory clean up from Fiona Sutherland on Vimeo.


Where and when is this summer's training?


Module 1, 6th May

Leeds Module 2, 7th and 8th May More info


Penzance, Cornwall 

Module 1, 13th June

Module 2, 14th 15th June  More info Penzance venue and special price


What people said about 'mental landscaping'

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  • Check out this video to appreciate why discovering your own mental landscape is worth it's weight in gold.
  • Find out why working with clients mental landscape makes you an even better coach or practitioner.
  • Discover how the methodology of working with mental landscape applies to many contexts from business to relationships, from habits to self belief.

What people said about                                                            

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Module 2 Foundation in TPM and the "Single Memory Clear Up"

    • Watch video feedback here   to hear why it's "Amazing"   "Totally fascinating"  "Fantastic"  


A few testimonials from previous training

"Quite amazing. I learned about new techniques and a perspective about using the unconscious mind in infinitely useful ways.  It is also clear how I can effectively combine TPM with my NLP and Coaching work."

"Very freeing.  I felt a wonderful heart opening and sense of belonging.  I’m amazed at how much I learned and experienced throughout the training.  Thank you!"

"The power and simplicity of TPM is truly beyond anything you could imagine or hope for"

"I loved it! It is the best Training I have ever done and so easy to take this knowledge back into my current practice and clients.



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New students have to take the modules in order but you can mix and match venues. There is a discount for previously trained students who want to re-take a module to get the very latest training and brush up your practice

We also have other modules later in the year

Module 3 - working with multiple memories 

Module 4 - identity 

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