TPM Diploma offer for London

Learn Modules 1+2, 1 for a special fee 

16th -18th Sept,

Accreditation, PLUS follow up support,  JUST £399

with Lead Trainer Fiona Sutherland 

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Learn Module 1+ 2 together in London  Fee  JUST £399   

  • Each module includes pre course reading,

  • Comprehensive manual 

  • Interactive exploring and learning with Fiona Sutherland - lead trainer TPM Europe

  • Light refreshments

  • Location will be in south west London within M25 exact details nearer the time  

  • Opportunity to submit 5 cases qualify for a TPM Diploma in Mental Landscaping* 

  • Opportunity to study further advanced modules in TPM 

  • Participate in FREE share and learn calls with practitioners and get support from the TPM community

TPM hedge heads Fotolia 41938888 M bought 25.7.12 Book your place before 25th August and qualify for a free 1-2-1 with Fiona Sutherland lead trainer for TPM in Europe 


OR  do just one module

"TPM Module 1 - Mental Landscaping £150

Sat 16th Sept

Fee £150 if you just do module 1  


"TPM Module 2 - Memories Matter" in London £300

Sun + Mon 17th + 18th Sept 2017  

(9.15am - 5.30pm)





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Reminder why this training is ideal, check out why practitioners love TPM   why clients love tpm

Q. Do you ever feel a bit responsible and disappointed when a client just isn't getting the results you hope for?
You know ultimately it's up to the client, but is there something else you could do to help them turn things around?

Yes we think so - because most people remain completely unaware of what is having the biggest impact on their performance.

Yes - because 'Mental landscape' the framework that reflects our unconscious mind's organisation of concepts, beliefs, memories, time frames, habits, motivation, focus, attention, and much more is actually really easy and fun to work with.

Yes - because each clients unique 'Mental landscape' not only gives you huge clues as to what the real problem is - it gives you and your clients endless possibilities for how to help them achieve results more easily.

All practitioners including life and business coaches want their clients to get results, but few work at the level of how the client's unconscious mind organises and responds to information.  This one day workshop gives you a new tool kit to start applying to yourself and your clients straight away:

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  • Whenever a client says they want to change something but can't seem to make it happen
  • Whenever motivation or focus is lost
  • Whenever self belief, self esteem or value need a boost
  • Whenever doubts and fears are in the way
  • Whenever you feel a bit stuck and could do with an approach that's been developed over 30 years but is not widely known about - yet.


Take the pressure off yourself when clients seem stuck
Use mental landscape to help clients come up with the solutions for an underlying challenge.

Remember when a client just can't seem to change something that's holding them back, or take the steps that you know would make a difference it must be frustrating.  It's probably not often and it may surprise your client that they just can't seem to use their head to overcome what's holding them back.....but here's the thing .....It's not their head that's doing it! A different level of working may be required and working with their Mental Landscape provides that new level to turn it around.

We are so convinced you will love what you learn we provide a money back guarantee if not satisfied

Who is this workshop for?

It's ideal for coaches and other practitioners who are already working with clients.   You would be learning by experiencing and gaining a little background on how Mental Landscapes have been discovered and some general principles for working with clients'. We expect participants to already know how to use open coaching questions, to be pretty good listeners and be confident 'holding the space'.  No other skills or experience required. Just call for a chat with the trainer to make sure you qualify