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Utah talk 15th Sept

"How Thought Pattern Management™ escalates spiritual growth"   

Format: Evening talk Tuesday 15th Sept 2015


7-8.30PM  (local Mountain time)

at Family Centre 

193 n Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah 

Title: How TPM escalates spiritual growth


Who for?

Open to all people interested in their own and others personal

and spiritual development development. 

Ideal for coaches practitioners and therapists from many fields  

limitied FREE places left if you book via


With: Fiona Sutherland,


TPM lead trainer for Europe.

Experienced speaker trainer and coach



IMG 3320 2 fiona USA


With Fiona Sutherland lead trainer for TPM in Europe

Fiona has been instrumental in enabling more people to benefit from the wisdom and processes that make up TPM. Privately, Fiona has coached many hundreds of people since 1998 to transform business and life challenges.  

Fiona, who is Scottish, is coming to Utah to facilitate a TPM think tank fortnight with Jared Fletcher, son of the developer of Thought Pattern Management™ and will also share during an open evening talk: 



  • Why people seek coaching and therapy and similarities with those seeking spiritual growth

  • Why people can go round in circles for years trying to make changes, until they experience TPM 

  • How unconscious reactions to triggers deviate us from our path to peace.  

  • How TPM practitioners learn to liberate others from those limiting patterns - enabling them to achieve wisdom growth and peace.



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"I am for ever indebted to you - you are amazing"

A Client wrote after a TPM session with Fiona enabled him to gently transform decades of anger and resentment

Fiona says she is not amazing, but the wisdom of Thought Pattern Management is.  




So get off the treadmill of old thinking and discover what TPM is all about!

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Sponsored by the family mentoring foundatio

"We can become our most magnificent self, rather than be slaves to limited automated thinking that does its own thing, even when we don't want it to! TPM provides a gentle, powerful way to transform lives and that's why I want to let more people know about it. Its empowering and enlightening for clients. It's rewarding humbling for practitioners". Fiona




 "The art of Mental Landscaping"   Click for more

UNIQUE one day training!!!!!!

With Fiona Sutherland and Jared Fletcher - not one but TWO lead trainers, sharing their wisdom and experience so you too can benefit from this corner stone of Thought Pattern Management™ 


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Introductory talks

Fiona is available for short introductory sessions to the world of TPM.  Perfect for your practice group or business session - contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your suggestion.

There are a range of interactive talks relevant to

- NLP or coaching practice groups.  

- Life coaches

- Business people 

- Students

- Groups of people interested in personal development.  

Rob is available for talks for people interested in health and the mind iether around placebo or allergies or both! 

Occasional conference calls

In addition to talks we have occassional conference calls on particular topics.

If you are interested in any of these for yourself or if have a group you would like us to talk to - please get in touch  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Past TPM and NLP conferences: 

London NLP conference 2014 21st - 23rd Nov

Fiona  led a 3 hour session on the Sunday at the 2014 London international NLP conference

"How to minimise resistance in clients and work with the source of self sabotage" 

For the full conference details checkout


Your TPM International conference

UPDATE: WE are setting up an association of practitioners! 

Fri 19th + Sat 20th Sept 2014

This conference was for experienced practitioners and students of Thought Pattern Management. We have left the agenda to give you an idea of the range of topics covered.   

The aim: To increase knoweldge, share results and learn of new developments.   This is the first TPM cross Atlantic conference. With opportunities for people to attend some of the broadcast sessions live with Jared and Glen Fletcher - sons of Robert Fletcher who developed TPM. 

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Location:  RNLI College Poole.   please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to register your interest now. Only a few places are available. 




Your speakers / facilitators 

  • Jared and Glenn Fletcher (both pictured below) will be joining by webinar from the USA.  
  • Rob Mesrie, Fiona Sutherland and Stephan Langgath (advanced master practitioners and TPM trainers),  
  • Russell Storey TPM Advanced Master practitioner and Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator,
  • Becki Houston Master Practitioner who uses TPM every day with clients,
  • plus Steve cook of Market Clash, will all lead live sessions.
  • Manjula Cotes a Qi Gong and Yoga teacher, will share her perspectives on the layers of energy, expanding and protecting our energy as practitioners   
  • Pippa White, who trained in TPM, NLP and more, was planning to lead a session on rapport and the power of intention - Unfortunately due to family member now going into hospital,  she has had to pull out.   
  • Also the opportunity to record your own promotional video at an exceptionally good price with Alex on Saturday

There will be sessions suitable for beginners and guests, through to master classes for more experienced practitioners. Topics from health to business development.  Working with children and time and space.  Making it safe for clients, letting go of the need to know and even opportunities to record your own short promotional video.  

The RNLI is a great venue - here are some shots after a recent TPM training. 


    IMG 3453       



Rob WWH photo

 Rob Mesrie  - covered TPM and health 

  • Taking the mystery away from working with physical conditions
  • Techniques to locate the source of specific health complaints  
  • A particular focus on allergies and digestion - the parallels with identity confusion
  • Theory and practice in a workshop style format  

Rob is an experienced TPM trainer and also has been practicing for 10 years in his own business  


Russell Storey

Russell Storey - Transformational Breath and TPM  

What can the breath tell us about ourselves and about others?

"The breath is both a conscious and unconscious process, it's a gateway between the conscious and unconscious mind. TPM and conscious breathing practices can complement each other extremely well, especially when working with deep trauma that has created a disconnection between the body and the mind” Russell

  • Have you noticed how clients often take a deep sigh, during or after a TPM process - what's going on?
  • Robert Fletcher teaches that one of the fastest ways to build rapport is to match our clients breathing pattern.  But can we learn a great deal more from the way someone breathes?  
  • Russell Storey will share his learnings and experience from both TPM and Transformational Breath® - a simple yet powerful self-healing technique which utilises our full respiratory system to help create physical, mental & emotional health.

Russell has studied TPM with Robert and is a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator and Workshop Leader. In this session he will share some insights from his own self-healing journey, provide a demonstration of the Transformational Breath technique and lead us through some simple practical exercises. 


2pm   Open session - How are you using TPM? 

General discussion of practitioners findings / experience plus practice opportunity.



IMG 3201









3pm    Glenn Fletcher - TPM for Children

transmitted via webinar live to the conference

  • With background on how Robert and he Developed the "Educating the Mind" program and applications
  • Building rapport with children
  • Identity building
  • Healing with metaphors

(Break included)  

4.30 pm  Marketing

how to become visible and tell your story

6pm  Sun downers at the bar 

IMG 0249

Saturday 20th Sept


9.15  am "What can TPM practitioners learn from EMDR?" with Stephan Langguth and Fiona Sutherland  

  • Theoretical considerations plus some practice
  • Contrasting and comparing TPM with EMDR - a widely accepted fast therapy that shares similar principles to TPM. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is a method of trauma therapy developed in California between 1987 and 1991 by clinical psychologist Dr Francine Shapiro. EMDR is recognised by the NHS as a treatment for PTSD. Stephan Langguth has been involved in the training of both modalities.  Fiona has undertaking initial EMDR training for research purposes.    
  • Also Included in this session
  • What is a safe place? When is it particularly useful for clients to establish one?  We will discuss when this is particularly important for clients and practice leading this.  
  • Ways to park things that need working on but there’s not enough time in the session. 
  • Ways to access positive resources in EMDR and in your own practice with clients.  Contrasting EMDR’s approach, with the method “Rathcheting positive and negative" - that Robert taught in 2005.  Jared Fletcher also uses this process sometimes.  

10.40 Rapport

  "The importance of rapport and intention for practitioner and client"  

  • Includes rapport building exercise 
  • What happens before the session 
  • What happens during? 
  • Where are we on the scale of trust and control


11.40 am - 1 pm  "Practitioner Master class - overcoming a lifetime of a fear of loss in 40 minutes" Becki Houlston  

  • Watch a recording of Becki in action.
  • Participate in a detailed analysis of this real case study.
  • Notice how you can smoothly apply TPM principles, even when the client is resisting and it looks like it's not going smoothly.
  • See the TPM principles at work.
  • Learn to respect and work with resistance, notice deep level clues from the body and see how Becki overcomes challenge from the unconscious mind to get a life changing result.
  • Followed by discussion


Jared IMG 3147







2 - 3.30 Jared Fletcher "Time spatial orientation and the disintegration of problem memory locations"     

Transmitted via webinar


3.45pm Continuous professional development discussion with Jared + Fiona   

What is TPM ?

If we had a code of ethics what would it cover? 


followed by 



 Fotolia 49968833 XS Conference call bought 28.6.13

CAN'T MAKE THE CONFERENCE IN PERSON?  - join via the internet







NLP conference london 2013  

In 2013 we had a stand at the conference helping people plot their mental landscapes and launching '7 reasons why nlp coaching doesn't always work and what else you can do'.  We also delivered a workshop on Sunday. An introduction to how to take the pain out of a negative memory in the time it takes to boil an egg!  IE the TPM single memory clear up process

We got lovely feedback from the people who experienced the process.  The trigger events not longer had any affect on them.   


NLP Conference LONDON 2012

Fiona and Rob were well received at the NLP Conference on Sunday 11th November 2012.  Their short introduction to Mental Landscaping was a fun and practical exploration of our mental space.  Feedback indicated the power of moving the storage location of memories - even in an exercise lasting a few minutes.