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Mental landscaping for people changers 


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"Leaning how to empower others to explore and make changes in their mental landscape is incredibly rewarding because it's such a fast light and fun way to work" 









































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2022 training on line will be with Fiona Sutherland lead trainer TPM europe in small groups for a quality experience






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The art of Mental Landscaping for people changers : training begins in 2022

We all have a mental landscape, but few know what it is, how it influences our every thought and response, and what a joy it can be when you learn to work with it for yourself, and for others you care about.

How you have unconsciously placed and represented everything in your Mental Landscape can be incredibly supportive, like a best friend helping you have easy access to whatever is important and meaningful to you - or - your landscape could be hindering you every day! 

When your memories, people, resources and your arrangement of past present future are represented in the most effective way for you  things just flow. When your Mental Landscaping works for you, it is easy to progress goals, follow healthy habits and you will feel on top of the world. 

On the other hand if you feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, down or confused, this will show up in how your mental landscape is organised.  Furthermore - when there's an inner conflict  or something holding you back, maybe something feels out of reach or not quite right but you don't know why,  exploring your mental landscape will quickly expose the problem pattern then it's easy to make quick adjustments to get you back to how you want to be.   


Change someone's life in 5 minutes

This might seem a bold statement but we have upmteen expamles from people trained in Mental landscaping of how they have so quickly and easily transformed other peoples lives in minutes by applying the principles they learned.  They ask the questions, teach that change is possible and they client makes the changes.  A few examples 

Overcoming grief and shock of spouse dying in front of them and giving up on life - to living again  "You changed my life - i can't thank you enough" 

Going from overwhelm running 3 businesses and having panic attacks to feeling in control  "Oh yes - that feels so much better" 

From fear of standing up for oneself in a family of narcissists  "They are no longer this massive shadow over my life"

- simply by asking a few questions to help others explore their mental landscape and invite the client to make and you literally can transform someone's life. 

This course trains you how to skillfully explore your own and others mental landscape 

You can help others in as little as a few minutes during a conversation  or work for longer

Or if you work with clients / care for others on - over a longer period of time  you can help them explore many aspects in may different contexts including health, business, relationships, habits, goals, self care, self love, contentment, sense of identity + fitting in, projects, education, teaching and learning, speaking up, letting go of the past , finding the future,  ---- the list goes on

 This training in mental landscape is very light and easy and its not a Therapy as such, more an educational modality. It is most effective when the person facilitating has some listening and questioning skills and the importance of assuming they know the answer - we always ask the client.  This is why its so freeing and empowering


Help others in many contexts and ways

You can guide others to explore their Mental landscaping  one to one or one to  many,  in person or remotely via technology

The more you learn about  Thought Pattern management Principles and Mental Landscaping processes the more you know that you can safely make a massive difference to others, in anyone in any situation.

It is ideal for coaches in any field, therapists, health professionals, mentors and people involved in the care of others who are in a position to share knowledge to impact others lives positively. 

"If you have a pulse you have a mental landscape"  

Its ideal when you know people are stuck with something and you don't know how how else to help them or you don't feel its appropriate to talk about it.  you can simply get your curious mental landscape facilitator hat on, ask some wise and clarifying questions about HOW and WHERE it is represented, and hey presto - they can make the changes by themselves. 


This training teaches how to:  




RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES   - just check out the rest of the website f


Lifetime benefits from learning "Mental Landscaping for People changers"

You can use your mental landscape as a barometer to get to know what's going on in your landscape and then instantly make the changes you want

You will learn thought pattern management principles about our inner drive for survival and safety and how our unconscious mind can often get it's wires crossed causing no end of frustrating thought patterns - until you learn how to teach the mind some new ways. The mind is a fast learning once you show it what else is possible   

Exploring your own mental landscape and learn how to facilitate others' exploration,

Learn  core principles which apply throughout Thought Pattern Management. These principles are powerful to know and apply - in whatever context and field you work in involving people because we are all governed by them 

Subsequent TPM training builds on these principles while adding even more processes for your transformation tool kit. You can if you choose - learn more and also participate in discussions and sharing with others in the TPM community



Mental landscaping (teaching how to discover and work with one's mental landscape) can be helpful in any context. 

It increases awareness, which can result in instant changes or provide clues as to what to work on when a problem is more sticky. It provides ways to work that are about how things are represented rather than what 'it' is - so the client doesn't need to disclose the content of their story. It can transform big and small things and give people tools for life for themselves and clients - if they choose to use them. 


Exclusive TRAINING - 100% satisfaction guarantee

Experiential training in small groups with Fiona Sutherland - lead trainer for TPM Europe and pioneer of Mental Landscape training in UK

"I know Mental landscaping makes a huge difference as practitioners I have trained tell me it's something they use again and again and they are continually amazed by the results they get so quickly and easily.  I am committed to providing the best teaching experience I can so participants will gain with wisdom and confidence to make a positive difference with mental landscape.  When participants understand the principles behind Thought Pattern Management and use appropriate facilitation skills they are gong to be able to respond to whatever their future client, mentee, charge, may present.  

So training will be in small groups so I can respond to questions and participants can share insights.  When participants really understand the principles and use appropriate facilitation skills they are going to be able to respond to whatever their future client presents. 

So my plan is to offer the on line Mental landscape training over approx 7 weeks combining:  

Pre practice reading/Video - which will be shared on line before each weeks session  

Group session on Zoom, all together at same time to go over key points with demo/ group lead sessions or break out room practice and feedback

Home practice before the next session - for participants to practice what they learned and deepen understanding  

A dedicated whatsapp group, (or similar) for the course to share learning and questions between sessions and for additional support from Fiona Sutherland 


Timing possibly Midday week days   UK time zone - dates and times being finalised in Jan


COST OF INVESTMENT - on application - it's less than you think! 

If you are interested in learning - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and say why you want to learn and who you want to work with and in what ways you currently help people people change their situation for the better. 

Please do not call as Fiona is currently abroad in a different time zone but she will respond to emails when wifi + trvel allows




  to reserve your


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Start 5pm finish by 7pm 

TPM Masterclass - Modelling how we do contentment.  

Many people could do with more contentment in their life. Some do it better than others. If we know what's going on their landscapes we could share how to achieve contentment more easily.

This is a unique opportunity for curious TPM Chefs to take part in an interactive exploration.  We need to send out info in advance so you need to register by Midday Friday  

for TPM students and practitioners regardless of level of training or experience 

ON LINE SURVEY about contentment  

You must  click here  to register in advance 

This is FREE for live participants - as part of our commitment to your continuous professional development and the development of Thought Pattern Management.

Others will have to pay £20 to access any recording.  The session will be jointly led by UK Trainers Rita and Fiona  

 live phone/webinar via Zoom - there is no cost for your call if you connect via your computer. 






 Previous TPM conference in Poole Dorset 2019

The wonder and logic of working with the unconscious mind - which is the body and so much more!

Intention: To expand understanding of different ways of working with mind / body / energy 

Share knowledge form Thought Pattern Management and other disciplines including coaching, Neuroscience, Spiritual guidance, Multi Brainig,  Pioneering child learning, tarot and energetic NLP

Explore the impact of memories on the mind/ body / soul 

Hear from experts in their fields


This conference is for people interested in human and spiritual development

Some topics are so interesting and require no T.P.M. experience that they are open to non TPM practitioners to attend as guests.  

The practice sessions  can be opted out of if you are not confident practicing with others. 


SAT 20th July 2019     

Register from 9.30  

Optional practice 

10.30 Fiona Sutherland,  Lead trainer TPM Europe


Setting the scene for our theme, sharing news and practice sessions 

What is intuition? How do thoughts create physical changes in people?  What is the role of memory?

What else is going on, when we work with people and how can we use energy?

Where else do source patterns come from that make us respond in certain ways?  

How can we bring in wisdom from other fields / even dimensions to help ourselves and clients change patterns? 

11.15 am Integrating Energy work with TPM 

Guest Speaker Steve Hounsome:  

Explore working with the energy of Oracles, in client led practice

Steve Hounsome will lead a session on the causal workings of energy with examples of how practitioners access the liminal 'space between the space', in client led practice.  

Have you ever wondered what enables you

- to ask just the right question, that pops into your head?

- to provide a message, that you don't understand, but which makes perfect sense to the other person?

- to pick that card with exactly the message you need, right now?  

This happens in TPM and when working with oracles.

Steve, multiple author and tutor in spiritual, energetic, esoteric down to earth healing, will draw on his knowledge from many fields and 35 years’ experience to expand our understanding. He will bust some myths, especially about Tarot, and open our eyes to what we can all tap into as we use the energy of oracles and trust our intuition.

Part of the session will involve putting theory into practice, working with cards in a therapeutic setting, in pairs.

More info on Steve



Dr Stephen Brooke: 

The Role of HeartMath, getting client and practitioner into s calm coherent state. Role of Mbraining, 3 intelligences or sets of Engineers to call upon and more

I was a GP for 27 years with a special interest in child health and mental health and retired as senior partner from a Swindon practice in 2016.  I have been practicing as a counsellor for 25 years and as a holistic wellness coach for 13 years.

My non-medical qualifications include: diploma in clinical and pastoral counselling; diploma in stress management training;  diploma in NLP coaching;  certified Master Practitioner in NLP; practitioner in EFT level 3; practitioner in Matrix Re-imprinting; Practitioner in Thought Pattern Management; Practitioner in mBraining

I will lead a session on how I approach integrating various modalities of helping people into a framework including TPM, NLP, EFT, HeartMath and mBraining.


Henrietta Laitt: working energetically  

Henrietta Laitt integrates various complementary modalities, including TPM, in her transformational coaching, therapy and training work.  Discover how she incorporates these in her client led practice.  This includes sharing her experience of working with space, and symbolic modelling, in relation to mental landscaping, and how she intuitively applies and utilises energetic principles to creatively enhance and deepen the embodiment of the client’s experiential process.   

THIS will include a group led session 

Close 6pm  

Plus throughout the weekend participants will be invited to share experiences, surprises and contexts where they have used TPM, mental landscaping and anything else


SUNDAY 21st July 

9.30 start

Olive Hickmott:  Children learning differently should not lead to learning difficulties 

Put NLP, Energetic NLP, Neurodiversity, mental imagery and mental landscaping together and what do you get?  Empowering Learning.  Olive Hickmott works with children and adults to confront the current paradigm that learning differently signals learning difficulties. Author and trainer, Olive is pushing the boundaries of the current education paradigm to enable students to learn from their strengths, incorporating mental imagery into every classroom. Olive has a huge amount of expertise throughout all neurodivergent thinking and learning patterns. She has learned from the best including Robert Fletcher, Art Giser, Robert Dilts, etc to make the techniques offered simple and easy to learn.

Olive is the founder of the International Association for health and learning, integrating many modalities into easy targeted skills to learn. Olive is an author of multiple books and pioneer in the field of learning and for her blog. 


11.30   Dr. Helena Watts, Imperial College London 

Mind-body Interplay: A neuroscientist’s perspective on TPM 

This talk will provide an insight into the hardware that underpins cognitive strategies used in Thought Pattern Management. As classical neuroscience begins to embrace new ways of understanding memory, share in some of the latest findings into how our brains (the most advanced information processing system in the known solar system) recreates experience. Learn how memories are are not stored anywhere, but are the product of delocalised pattern complexity and how epigenetic modifications carry the impact of our ancestors lives from one generation to the next independently of the information encoded in our genes


Practice session 

Naomi Duffield:  


Personality can be likened to an orchestra with lots of different, sometimes conflicting, instruments or parts. For our personality to operate harmoniously the orchestra needs a conductor - but who is the conductor and where is the musical score?

Naomi trains people in the art of Spiritual Mentoring. She is trained in NLP, Spiritual Accompaniment, Psycho Spiritual Counselling, is a Mentor Trainer and Educator. 

Fiona and Naomi have a shared interest in what affects our identity and inner conflicts.  Naomi's talk will bing in a different dimension to identity and will include a practical exercise that compliments TPM. 

What's next?   With Mandy Fiona 

This will be a discussion about what is next for human potential as well as what is next for TPM

Official close 4.30 

Optional stay for drinks on RNLI balcony overlooking the sea  

COST  £120 for whole weekend

£65 for one day including lunch

£30 for a part day 

Call Fiona 07931 374067 to discuss places if you have not booked already

Leeds  contact Rita















as above 








Module 1:

Art of Mental Landscaping 

open to all on application 

Watch Video with Rita 






 21st Sept 2017  Share and learn  Free and open to TPM Practitioners and Students and part trained   



Module 1: The art of Mental landscaping 



Open to all on application.  

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +44 07931 374067



Easy access from Poole, Bournemouth and main Ringwood road leading up to M3 / A34 

Local B+B available  

Fee just £175

Includes manual, drinks and snacks.

Bring your own lunch





Fee for both modules 1+2 combined

includes accreditation process for TPM Diploma

FEE just £399  




Free Register here  if you have not previously registered for 'share and learn' calls














Module 5:

The Engineer Model 

Open to those who have taken modules 1-4 

(or up update for practitioners who took the older style level 1 + 2 training)

The applications and methods of working with Robert Fetcher's famous Engineer model. Plus introducing you to working with changing thought patterns and putting all the TPM principles and together.  



Module 5 of pract training - The engineer model and putting it all together creatively


Putting it all together practice development and marketing day

For practitioners who have taken modules 1 to 5 with TPM Europe

or the equivalent  level 1,2,3 with Robert Fletcher 

This day is to help you integrate your learning into your practice/business and plan how you will take this forward working with others

Suitable for practitioners who want to practice TPM or TPM combined with other modalities 







Register interest for all TPM Europe Training here 


To help us serve you - let us know what you are interested in and where you are - so we can aim to put on the training to suit the participants.  Just get in touch so I can answer your questions or provide more info.  Contact Fiona on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or better still call me on +44 (0) 1202 671954



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