Module 2:  Memories Matter 

Learn how to free clients from frustrating or limiting patterns, easily - 2 days training! 

Become confident to lead clients to the source and take the sting out of any past event using the famous 'single memory clean up. 


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where people describe this unique TPM process as "impressive", "moving", "amazingly powerful" "fast and simple" process unique to TPM. 



'Memories Matter' in London 17 + 18th Sept 2017

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Learn 'Memories Matter' in Leeds

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Learn how to free clients from frustrating or limiting patterns, easily! 

Understand TPM principles for working with others safely, respectfully and effectively.

  • Learn how to change the imprint of a significant past event, on beliefs and identity. This provides true freedom to live now. (see below*)

  • Discover how eyes can locate traumatic trigger memories affecting ones life, often beyond conscious awareness.

  • Become lighter and happier and more content with your own personal history

  • Get results more easily for your clients 

  • Designed to give you the fundamental principles, mindset, practice and experience of what is possible with TPM. You will learn what you need to begin to use TPM confidently with others.  

  • Completion of this module plus mental landscaping and submission of 5 case studies leads to a TPM Diploma in Mental Landscaping

  • This also provides the stepping stone to full practitioner training and the advanced modules.            


Who is this training suitable for and what else will I gain?

This is suitable for people who have some prior experience working with others to ensure a valuable experience for all participants.

Your trainer is Fiona Sutherland, lead trainer for TPM Europe. Fiona is an experienced life and business coach as well as a TPM practitioner. Fiona has worked closely with Robert Fletcher who developed TPM and now his son Jared who leads training in the USA, so she is thoroughly versed in TPM and how to train you to use it in practice. 

Group size is limited so small numbers for a high quality learning experience.  TPM will be helpful for you as well as your clients.

Participants will be able to join in the association of TPM practitioner's future events and share knowledge and resources amongst students.   


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What will I get for my investment?  

Pre course reading (emailed to you) 

Manuals with workbook exercises and hand outs to use with clients (given at the training)

3 days (including mental landscape) of practitioner training with Europe's only officially sanctioned trainers for Thought Pattern Management™  

Fiona Sutherland has been a popular speaker at The NLP conference in London every conference since 2012 to 2017 has been facilitating group training for over 20 years as well as working with clients. Past participants have always enjoyed the experience and found it relevant.

A first hand experience to appreciate what else is possible and how easy it can be

Practice to apply it to what you want to shift/ clarify / gain

Group conference call(s) afterwards to help you consolidate and apply your learning  


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More details of what's covered in Memories Matter:

The skills, principles and practice of the full "Single Memory Clear Up" 

One of the building blocks of TPM - so that you can begin to confidently use this process with others.  Begin to weave it into your tool kit, begin to transform the lives of your clients easily using their unconscious mind to get to provide the solution.  


  • Clearing memories connected to the trigger memory 

  • Fundamentals in memory management, and how we transfer information

  • Clearing unhelpful triggers from the past for true freedom in the present

  • How to train the unconscious mind to lead the healing process more accurately for you and your client.

  • Ways to make the process extra safe for the client, even when the trigger memory may be more intense.

  • How to get to the root cause of a challenge, using the eyes as windows to the hidden world of the unconscious.

  • How to change the unwanted impact of grief and loss in your mental landscape 

  • Changing one metaprogram related to a scary memory by making the world safe.  (NLPers may know what a metaprogram is - they relate to the filters through which we experience the world)

  • Finding locations to place old beliefs in the mental landscape

  • Using language patterns and your voice when talking to the Unconscious mind.  

  • Giving resources TPM style (a simpler version of NLP re-imprinting).                                    

* "An imprint is a significant experience or period of life from the past in which a person formed a belief or cluster of beliefs, often in relationship to one's identity. An imprint experience also often involves the unconscious role-modeling of significant others. The purpose of reimprinting is to find the resources necessary to change the beliefs and update the role-models that were formed (not simply to resolve the emotional issues associated with a particular event, as in the NLP technique of change personal history"  Robert Dilts - NLP University

Participants will learn by practice and discussion so you will also benefit personally as you learn, typically feeling lighter and happier afterwards. 

Find out what is covered in the day of  mental landscaping click here 


P.S. Remember to watch the video about the 'Single Memory clear up' process at the top of this page

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